Felt so light walking!!!

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with leg Length discrepancy which led to development of compensatory scoliosis. I almost always had pain in my mid and low back and headaches which never went away completely no matter what treatment plan I tried. I went to his clinic after the low back pain became so worse that it started to affect my sleep. After my 1st adjustment, the first walk out of his clinic…. I never experienced that much ease in walking …!!!! The next day the swelling in the mid sacrum area subsided significantly and the mid-thoracic area started to improve. The headaches were much better, and did I mention I slept like a baby that night! Had my second session today and believe me walking back from his clinic to the station felt like I wasn’t walking but levitating back! Felt so light walking!!!


I would totally recommend him to anyone who is going through chronic pain ! He’s NOT like regular chiropractors! Truly Gonstead

Chiropractors are one of a kind and masters of their trade.