I visited Horikawa san because of a lower back injury from SUP(Stand Up Paddleboard).

I visited 2 other Chiropractors in Izu, and others in Yamaguchi prefecture:

  • They were not Gonstead qualified.
  • They all did some form of massage.
  • They didn’t use any tools, and did the same routine.
  • There was no spine adjustment.
  • The pain didn’t get better.

My back was stiff, you could grab the muscles on the back: it was hard and inflamed.

First visit with Horikawa san; he used the tool on my back, including looking at my X-ray, and adjusted my hip and spine.

After 2 weeks those hard muscles became soft again.

Next visit with Horikawa san; the muscles in the upper back were now in pain. He adjusted it. And, those muscles are now painfree.

Next visit with Horikawa san; I sat for too long and clicked my lower back, which Horikawa san re-adjusted including my neck. That also, is now pain free.

Horikawa san has magic hands, if you have tried other chiropractors and nothing changed: try Horikawa san.

It felt helpless before meeting him, nothing was improving. However, you also need to change your environment and routine to aid your body in recovery. I caused misalignments after visiting Horikawa san because of my bad sitting and sleeping habits.

Also, stretching and strengthening seems to be helping me with back pain and mobility.

Each time I am in Tokyo, I will try to visit Horikawa san for maintenance.

Kind regards,