My routine maintenance!

First time experiencing with chiropractic and this will surely become part of my routine maintenance! Hirokawa San is very kind and knowledgeable with fluent English. I knew nothing about chiropractic but after reading about Gonstead I gave it a try. After 4 sessions in 3 weeks, my excruciating thoracic spine and chest pain has decreased by 80-90% and I am almost back to where I was 1 year ago. I was at a point where I couldn’t breath properly with lots of sleep dyspnea and a burning pain allover my back which made impossible to sit or stand still more than 15mn. I plan on more maintenance sessions to keep the progress steady.

Thanks doc!

Bonus 1: my right drop shoulder that I had for 20 years at least, got completely fixed after the 2nd session

Bonus 2 : my back acne completely disappeared after the 3rd session