No more fight to get out of bed

“What do I have to lose right?”

As cliche as it may sound, that’s exactly the mindset I went in with after years of back pain. Tried it all, from stretches and decompression exercises, Youtube videos, to second opinions from doctors here and abroad. Things had improved, but only marginally. I could run, workout, and even dance within limits, but the wrong move sent me right back to spasms that had my back out of commission for days at a time.

That is until a concerned friend recommended Horikawa Sensel…

A few days after our first session not only could I move in ways I hadn’t in years, but more importantly I’m gradually shedding the fear of actual motion itself. You know, gymnastics to get out of bed, knee bends to lift objects, and constantly minding your posture, etc.

He is very thorough and methodical from the questions asked, detailed explanations, and tools used, to the applied adjustment routines. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also the first doctor to check the soles of my shoes as part of the initial assessment. I mean if a doctor’s looking under your shoes….he means business. So don’t hesitate to give him yours. You’re in good hands!